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Jan 6

Common logo imprint technique available for your Custom Jacket Printing in Singapore

1. Embroidery: This is the process of using an embroidery machine to sew a design on the jacket with thread. It's a high-quality, long-lasting option that is suitable for designs with straightforward lines or solid colours. It can cost more than other methods of printing and may require more time to make an extensive number of customised jacket Singapore. But, it's an old-fashioned and elegant option that gives promotional custom jacket printing an elegant look.

2. Silk screening involves making a stencil of the desired design, and then pressing the ink onto the custom jacket printing. It's an economical alternative and can be used for printing large amounts of jackets that have the similar style. Silk screening is a good choice for designs that have basic lines and solid colors and is ideal for logos or text-based designs. However, it might not be appropriate for printing complex or multi-colored designs.

3. The process involves printing a design on special transfer paper using a presses or iron. It is placed into the garment, which transfers the image on the garment. It's a fast and simple method that permits printing in full color however, the design may not last as long like silk screening. It is a great option for smaller quantities of custom jackets or designs that will be only worn for a couple of times.

4. Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing involves printing the design directly on the custom windbreaker singapore with inkjet technology. It's a top-quality method that permits full-color printing. However, it is expensive and might not work with certain kinds of fabrics. DTG printing is a great option for small amounts of jackets, or designs that have intricate detail or color gradients.

5. Sublimation printing is printing the design on special transfer paper with a ink that is heat-sensitive. This paper then placed onto the customised jacket singapore by an electric heat press, which causes the ink to transform into a gas, and then be absorbent in the fabrics. It's a premium option that allows full-color printing. However, it's not suitable for all kinds of fabrics. Sublimation printing is most effective on synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and is an excellent option for printing vivid and full-color designs.

In the end There are a variety of choices for printing customized jacket singapore. Each has each having its own pros and cons. Take into consideration the amount you require as well as the style and colors required and the budget you're willing in mind, as well as the longevity and durability of the final product when choosing a printing technique.