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A Title IX Lawyer Can Help You Fight Against Gender Discrimination in Schools

May 31

A Title IX Lawyer Carbondale will help you fight discrimination against women in schools, college and other programs receiving federal funds. These cases focus on whether policies, codes and admissions procedures discriminate against men or women unfairly.

Colleges have to conduct an unbiased investigation and hearing after a complaint. A good Title IX attorney will ensure that schools follow these guidelines.

Due Process

Title IX obliges universities to conduct thorough investigations on allegations of sexual violence and harassment. They must also provide a fair and impartial hearing to both sides. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. The Department of Education found that hundreds of universities violated Title IX guidelines in regards to sexual assault and harassment.

Attorneys can provide protection to students accused of misconduct. They ensure that their rights are protected at all stages of the process. They can act in the role of a mediator to ensure that statements made that could be detrimental to their case aren't made to the wrong person.

Also, lawyers are familiar with school appeal procedures. They can file an appeal on behalf of their clients if they are unable to receive justice through the Title IX process. They can also assist them in taking action outside the school's administrative processes if needed, such as taking it to federal court.


Title IX, the federal law that prohibits both sexual harassment and assault, must be followed by the vast majority of schools receiving federal funding. If a school violates this law, victims can sue for damages and regain their rights to education and employment.

When an accused student is called to a disciplinary hearing, they often face a biased panel that may have no prior experience with these types of cases. A legal advisor will help you determine whether your rights were violated and can help you gather evidence to support your side of the story. This allows the investigators to have a more accurate picture of the actual event.

An attorney can also act as a communication middleman between the school and you, to ensure statements that could undermine your defense are not made to the wrong people. They will be an advocate for your rights throughout the entire process and take action whenever they feel a school has mishandled a complaint or engaged in unfair procedures.


If you have been charged or are under investigation for Title IX, your school may conduct a complex disciplinary process that includes hearings, investigations and sanction panels. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate the process and protect your legal rights.

A lawyer can help you obtain and preserve evidence and find witnesses to testify on your behalf at your initial interview called an intake meeting with the Title IX coordinator or investigator. Your attorney can be present at any meeting and help you prepare your opening statement for the Title IX hearing, or civil case brought by a complainant.

Even a simple accusation can have a negative impact on your reputation and your life. Your attorney can help you file a retaliation lawsuit against anyone who attempts to harm your reputation through retaliation against you after you have been accused of a sexual offence or as a result a Title IX inquiry.


While schools have interpreted Title IX broadly and may not be in compliance, courts are increasingly holding that universities must meet minimum requirements for due process and fairness to the accused in their disciplinary processes. If a University fails to follow this rule, it may lose its federal funding.

This can be devastating, especially for students who cannot pay tuition and need scholarships. The impact on their lives can be significant and could derail their entire careers.

When a school receives an allegation of sexual harassment or violence, it starts a complex and lengthy disciplinary process, which includes hearings, sanction panels, and student panels. Students must be ready to face serious consequences, from losing student housing to expulsion. There is also the possibility that permanent disciplinary records will appear on their student record. This can have a negative impact on their application to graduate programs or other colleges. It can also affect their employment applications. A Title IX lawyer/advisor with experience can help students navigate the process, protect their rights and understand what is happening.

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