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Concrete Leveling Is A Minimally Invasive Repair Solution

Nov 13

Concrete leveling is a minimally invasive repair solution to lift sunken concrete slabs and return them to their original position. It is often less costly than a full replacement and requires significantly less time to complete. Concrete lifting also tends to be less disruptive to surrounding landscaping.

Unlike mudjacking, the process of filling voids under sinking concrete with cement or slurry mixtures, Experienced Concrete Levelers uses lightweight polyurethane foam to correct the underlying issues that cause sinking. This allows for much faster repairs than mudjacking, and it provides an effective and long-lasting solution.

Sidewalk leveling, driveway leveling, and pool deck leveling are common areas where concrete is susceptible to sinking. While it is possible to use a self-leveling compound in these applications, it is generally advisable to hire a professional for a concrete leveling service.

Professionals who perform concrete leveling are trained to identify the cause of a slab’s unevenness. This information will help them determine the best course of action to take to restore the slab to an even surface. This may include a concrete leveling treatment, such as PolyLevel, or it may involve excavating the damaged area and pouring a new slab.

Slabs that sink are usually the result of erosion. As soil is washed away, voids can form underneath the slab, and the concrete is then forced to sink into these voids. This can be caused by natural weather conditions, such as rainfall and wind, or by man-made factors, such as construction projects or the addition of water sources.

It is important to have these issues addressed by a professional as they can lead to multiple problems. For example, a sinking patio slab can shift in place, which can affect the foundation of your home and can create cracks throughout the structure. It is also likely that the uneven slab will need to be removed and replaced, which is a far more costly project.

A reputable concrete leveling contractor will perform a non-invasive full inspection of your damaged slab and provide a quote for your repair. This is a free estimate that will help you decide whether to move forward with the repair or not.

Mudjacking is a traditional technique used to raise sunken concrete, but it has several significant drawbacks. For one, it is a messy process that can leave behind muddy debris and holes in your yard. In addition, the mudjacking slurry is not waterproof, and it will wash away during rainstorms, causing your concrete to sink again.

Lastly, it can be difficult to know exactly how much your concrete will cost with a mudjacking job until the work has been completed. For these reasons, many people choose to go with concrete leveling instead. This repair option can be performed in a matter of hours and will allow for traffic to be returned to the affected area almost immediately afterward. It is also far less expensive than a complete concrete replacement, and it will not require tearing up existing landscaping.

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