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Make a Tote Bag With Mixing Paint

Nov 17

Whether you’re making a tote bag for yourself or a gift, this is an easy and fun way to add some personality. Gather your materials and decide on a design before you start painting. Choose a canvas that will be easy to work with and paint colors that will complement each other. For best results, use long, even brush strokes and let the paint dry completely between coats. Once your painting is finished, seal the canvas to protect it from wear and tear.

Mixing Paint

For the project in this tutorial, we used fabric paint medium to make the paint a bit thinner and more pliable on the material. This helps the paint stay on the surface of the tote without sagging or cracking when you carry it. If you don’t have any fabric paint medium, Mixing 2 year old paint mix your acrylic paints together with a ratio of 2 to 1 to achieve a smooth and colorful finish on the tote.

If you’re using a fabric-based paint, wash your tote with a mild detergent before beginning. This will help prevent the paint from sticking to the bag and also help keep it soft and supple as it dries.

Heavier and more viscous road paint products such as those commonly used for striping highways, roads and parking lots require heavy-duty mixers to blend the product to a consistency suitable for spray application. The density of the product – usually shown on data sheets as the weight per gallon compared to the density of water, and the viscosity or solids content – are factors that determine the mixer power rating, rpm range and impeller type necessary for successful mixing.

While IBC totes are common containers for efficient distribution via truck trailers, their cubic form tends to create low-flow areas during the mixing process and their small top opening limits the size of mixer that can be employed. A variety of mixers are available to address these challenges, including economical direct-drive mixers that mount directly to the tops of IBC totes.

For more information on choosing the proper mixer for your highway and road paint application, consult your chosen manufacturer’s engineering staff. A broad selection of tote agitators are also available for blending coatings in open drums and through standard 2-inch bungs on IBC square totes. These mixers attach directly to the tote and blend the product quickly and easily for spraying into application. They’re suitable for a variety of road paint formulations, meeting the rigorous DOT requirements for volatile organic compounds, dry times and durability.