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IBC Tore Mixer - Mixing in Totes for Agriculture

Mar 23

IBC Tore Mixer - Mixing in Totes for Agriculture

Large-scale farming requires an assortment of chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. These products often sit in large, open containers for weeks or months before they are actually used. This isn't good for product quality or consistency, and it can even damage the chemicals. This is why IBC tote mixers are so important in the agricultural industry. These tote agitators can ensure that the chemicals are mixed evenly and consistently so they're ready to be used when needed.

IBC tote mixers come in a variety of models and Digital Drive Modes, and some are more effective for mixing than others. One of the most effective is the IBC tote bracket mount mixer, which attaches to the top or side of an empty IBC tote. This type of tote agitator can fit an entire range of IBC tote sizes and designs, and it can be used with both plastic and metal totes. This mixer is easy to install and use, and it provides efficient, high-quality mixing in totes.

The IBC tote bracket mount mixer features a folding impeller that fits through the standard 6 inch opening of most IBC totes. The unique blade design, which uses NASA-inspired engineering, folds to make it easier to insert through the lid's opening and unfolds inside for a complete mix of the contents. This mixer is also extremely light-weight, weighing only two pounds without the motor, a significant reduction in weight over other tote agitators.

Other IBC tote agitators use compressed air to mix the liquids inside of the tote tank. This process works by pulsing bursts of air through an air hose mounted at the tote's bung hole. The air pulses quickly mix and agitate the liquids, which are forced upward by the action of the pulsing. This process is ideal for mixing low viscosity liquids such as water, but it can also be effective for higher viscosities.

EvenMix offers a diverse line of industrial mixers, including several options for IBC tote mixing. The economy IBC tote lid mixer is the most economical choice for mixing water-like liquids, while the deluxe toggle clamp bracket mixer easily connects to a tote cage and provides added rigidity to the unit. Both of these tote agitators are capable of mixing a wide range of liquids and have a number of accessories available for increased functionality. The deluxe model, for instance, can be equipped with a mounting bracket, lifting eye, or fork lift channels. Other models offer an optional welded frame that can be attached to the sides of the IBC tote for increased stability and safety. In addition, IBC tote agitators are available with a wide range of motors and shaft speeds, from low-speed direct-drive units to higher-horsepower gear-driven models. All of the mixers in this line can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of an application, and they are designed to withstand the demands of frequent use. They can also be customized to suit a specific project's needs, such as by incorporating additional components like inline oilers and filing hoppers.



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