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Buying Tradelines: All You Need to Know by Coast Tradelines

Oct 13

Buying Tradelines: All You Need to Know

Your credit score is an important financial key. A strong credit score will let you in to a wealth of opportunities. However, when it is poor, you might have a hard time obtaining certain financial opportunities. Your credit score affects whether you'll qualify for a home or auto loan and at what rate. It also determines if you'll be able to get credit cards or other financial options that are essential. If you're not able to get a good credit score, it makes a lot of sense to take steps to improve it. One method of improving scores on credit is purchasing an authorized tradeline. If you've heard of purchasing an authorized user tradeline, and you want to learn more about the process, you've come to the right spot.

What is a Tradeline?

A tradeline is a solid credit card that appears on the credit report of the person who uses it. People with low credit scores may request family members or friends who have excellent credit scores to be added as the authorized person on their card account. This way, the user's credit score can be gauged by the reliability of the other party's healthy credit score and low utilization rate and on-time payments.

If they are unable to find family members to help them with this They may consider buying a tradeline. Buying a tradeline means that they are paying to get themselves identified as an authorized user for a credit card account owned by another account. The most significant difference between soliciting a family member's permission and buying a tradeline is;

  • You don't know which credit card you're being added to in the capacity of an authorized user.
  • You have to pay money to use this service.

Trading in tradelines is a commercial model which is controlled by a few organizations. The seller and buyer are controlled by a third-party who coordinates the process for an amount. Depending upon the score which needs to be improved, fees may be in the thousands of dollars. Note that the tradeline will only appear in your credit reports for a short period. As long as you're an authorized user on the account, it is not possible to be able to access the account's credit line. Instead, you'll only benefit from their credit score to boost yours.

Is Buying Tradelines Legal?

Tradelines are not an illegal act, however, it isn't legal either. It's a practice that's often frowned as an opportunity to improve credit score and may be seen as deception from the standpoint of the lender. Lenders often request an credit score of the borrower to assess the loan's success. By buying tradelines, the borrower could have manipulated their low credit score, convincing the lender that they are financially responsible and worthy.

Are There Any Actions Against Buying Tradelines?

Recent reports suggest that there might be an investigation into the purchase of tradelines. It appears the federal government has directed its investigation to this particular area and is closely watching the sale and purchase of tradelines. myFICO, in a new credit scoring model has reduced the effects of buying tradelines. This means that customers might not see the speedy and desired results from purchasing tradelines in the future.

In order to increase the severity of the crackdown the privacy policies of many companies now include restrictions that prohibit the holders from selling their access to credit card accounts. Cardholders with credit cards also have a risk of losing access their accounts if they are discovered to be in violation of the issuer's terms. To add to this, a recent case that involved and the Federal Trade Commission and BoostMyScore (BMS) which is an organization that repairs credit that is also in the process of establishing the terms for companies that trade in the future.

Does Buying Tradelines improve your credit score?

If tradelines were legalized, it might have a slight impact on buying credit. In theory, tradelines can improve the buyer's credit score using three components.

Payment History

The tradeline buyer will remain in the benefit of a timely payment history so it is as long as their primary user is able to pay their bill. However, the tradeline buyer's account will be negatively affected if the primary account user does not pay in time or fails to pay multiple times.

Amounts Owed

Tradeline purchases are essentially leveraged on the good financial reputation of the first user. Through the use of the primary user's account information the buyer of the tradeline may lower their credit utilization. An credit utilization rate measures the amount of available credit being used.

For the sake of context, if an individual has a credit card limit of $1,000, and a balance of $800, the percentage of credit usage is pegged as 90 percent. If the buyer purchases a $2,000 tradeline then the account will have a credit limit of $3,000 and with a balance of $880 the ratio of credit utilization will be now 27%. This new percent utilization rate for credit is desirable since the majority of credit experts recommend keeping the ratio below 30. %.

Length of Credit History

In general, the more time a person has spent using credit, the better their credit score. That means that those who are new to credit won't offer any benefit to renters of tradelines. However, tradelines from accounts that are active and open for more than a decade may make the buyer's account.

What's the Catch?

With tradelines, you have to know that the results aren't permanent. The benefits of tradelines exist only while you are registered as an approved user. Once the buyer has been removed, they will be back to their credit score. Added to this, buying trade lines exposes buyers to the danger of identity thefts. Before you are added to another person's credit card account, you'll have to provide personal information such as name, addresses or social security number and date of birth and many other details. These details can get used for stealing your personal information, thus leaving you to face more financial woes.

Other methods to improve the credit rating of your client:

  • Family members and trusted family members to include you to their list of authorized users.
  • Use a credit builder loan.
  • Select a secured credit card.

You can boost your credit score using a range of solutions; visit Coast Tradelines to find out.


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