Construction Litigation is litigation concerning construction projects. It is often confused with litigation concerning defective products or construction errors. However, construction litigation has nothing to do with errors or defects and everything to do with contract disputes. Construction Litigation is when a third-party contractor is said to be at fault for some defect on another person’s property.


In general, construction litigation arises when contractors or subcontractors fail to pay for the work they contracted for and perform subpar or non-professional jobs. Contractors or subcontractors can be sued by the owners of the property where the construction was performed if these owners say that the work was subpar and that it was not properly completed. These owners are also sometimes held liable for injuries that were sustained while the work was in process. The owners may have been injured while on the property or on its grounds and these injuries may have resulted in them requiring medical attention.


Construction disputes often arise out of events that occur during the building process itself. Some claims are based on faulty plans. Other claims relate to negligence. Some of these disputes involve injuries that occur while the contractors are performing their duties as professionals. When construction issues arise, the contractors may be accused of ignoring safety issues and making promises that they cannot keep. Injuries that occur at the site of the construction process can sometimes lead to lawsuits against the contractors and subcontractors.


Construction Litigation also involves claims by third parties regarding subpar work. For instance, if a carpenter thinks that the floor plans for a commercial building should be changed to make it more energy efficient, he or she might file a construction lawsuit against the builder who approved the design. If the contractor does not adjust the plans, the carpenter will file a lawsuit against the contractor. The claim could be based on negligence by the contractor or his subcontractor.


There are many reasons that help explain why there is litigation associated with the construction industry. The litigation process is necessary to ensure that all contractors follow all applicable laws, and that all required contracts are fulfilled. With litigation and dispute resolution professionals helping contractors settle construction disputes and claims before going to court, the construction industry is able to operate smoothly.


Construction Litigation can be complex and lengthy, and attorneys are very experienced in this field. The right lawyers help clients resolve disputes or build a case to sue their contractors for breach of warranty, injuries, or other claims related to construction defects. Construction litigation professionals work with clients to draft legal documents that protect their rights and prepare statements of defense to use in court. With the help of these professionals, construction claims can be resolved quickly and efficiently.